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Wakeboard Helmets


When it comes to cable wakeboarding, a wakeboard helmet should be an integral part of your wakeboard equipment. Especially park riders who intend to hit kickers and obstacles should never forget to put on their helmet at the start dock. Waketoolz offers you wakeboard helmets in all imaginable colours, with or without a lid in the front. Currently the main helmet brands are Bern, Liquid Force and Sandbox. Some of the Liquid Force helmets come with earpads that protect the wakeboarders’ ears from winds and cold temperatures. Also earpads will diminish the risk of your ears getting inflammated or even a tympanic membrane injury. If earpads are not included, you’ll be able to purchase them seperately as every company produces them, suited to each of their different helmets. Notwithstanding the above it is recommendable to always wear a wakeboard helmet in summertime whilst on the water. Water reflects the sun and its UV radiation intensified, whereas the helmet simply acts as shelter from this leading cause for a heat shock or sun stroke. In other words: Safety first and helmets on!