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Our Waketoolz Pro Shop is located and part of the Waketoolz Wakepark at Woerth a.d. Isar, one hour north-east of Munich by car. We offer you the biggest choice of Wakeboard-, Wakeskate- and Wakeski- products throughout Europe. No matter what you are searching for or what you need for your fun on the water – we have it: You want a new Wakeboard, a Wakeboardbinding, Wakeboardvests, Wetsuits, a well fitting Wakeboardhelmet or just a stylish Boardshort, T-Shirts, Hoody, you will certainly find your stuff at waketoolz. But the best thing is that we will answer all you questions and will take all the time to find the best wakeboard equipment for your special need. The whole waketoolz stuff is high end. We know what we are talking about and our satisfaction is your fun with the products we sell you. Enjoy Riding – This is what it´s all about!
All at a glance. In our wakeboard Proshop you can look around for hours and check out all the latest and brand new wakeboard stuff of the new season. We are proud to offer you Europe´s biggest assortment of Wakeboard-, Wakeskate- and Wakeski-equipment. If you have any questions wether it is how to setup my new board and bindings or how to learn a new trick don't be afraid to ask.
It is easy to claim something but pictures proof everything: Special Wakeboardboardshorts of Ten-80, Three, Billabong, Soöruz, Rope, Roxy, ION and Protest. Wakeboard Helmets of Bern and Pro-tec. Impact Vests of Ten-80, Three, O´Neill, Billabong, Mystic, ION and Ronix. Wetsuits of Billabong, ION, O´Neill and Soöruz. No matter what part of your equiment is missing, we will have the right one for you. The best and biggest choice of brands you have ever seen before.
You will enter our Proshop and you will find yourself in wakeboarder´s heaven. Where ever you will look at you will see something you absolutely want to have! Wakeboards, Bindings,Boardshorts, Vests, Helmets, Hoodies, T-Shirts... You are so excited that you do not know where to go first.
We do our very best to have the biggest and best choice of Wakeboards and Wakeskates. Offering CTRL, Liquid Force, Ronix, Slingshot, Hyperlite, Byerly and Reckless we have almost all Brands at Waketoolz. And even if you have a very special product wish or brand – we will get for you within days.
A Wakeboard without a binding is just half of the fun. As we have all the wakeboards you love we have the same huge choice of wakeboard bindings. No matter if you need a Liquid Force, Ronix, CTRL, Slingshot or Hyperlite Boot it the best for your feet – We will take as much time as it takes to find the binding that fits perfect and feels amazing.
If it comes to wetsuits and impact vests there is no other Proshop that offers you this choice of special Wetsuits. We constantly have more that 100 westuits and 300 impact vests on stock. Quality counts – We are premium dealer of O´Neill, ION, Rip Curl, Ten-80 and Söoruz.
Service and consulting is what we are standing for. You are our guest, our customers and therefore our Kings of Wakeboarding! We share your passion, we know your fears and we are the guys next to you on the starting dock.
At waketoolz it is not only the products and the huge choice – it is the atmosphere and the flair! This shop is like a breeze of beach vacation – chilling in an armchair while you try your new binding, a super stylish dressing room and the beach-hut-counter-desk are just some examples.
Vaction within a second. Standing at your desk is like arriving at your vaction destination. Come in and relaxe. Spare parts and accessoires is what makes the difference between a good ProShop and a normal Shop. We want you to have have fun on the water even if something broke. Therefore we have every unique laces, lacelocks, screws, bearings, spacers and fix kits you can imagine. We also offer all the boardbags, backpacks and accessoires to keep your stuff safe while traveling or just going to the cable.
Wetsuits is an important part of your equipment and we take this very serious. For each customer we take all the time to find this one perfect piece of neoprene the customer is searching for. Shorties, Overknees, Semidry or just a nice all-year wetsuit – we have them all.
We at waketoolz are very proud to be part of the wakeboard cablepark Waketoolz Wakepark. This spot is not only one of the most beautiful swimming lakes of souther germany but is listed among the Top 5 Wakeboardspots in Germany and Europe. This business is managed by Andreas Voss and Sonja Miltschitzky in a lovely way that everybody feels at home in seconds. The 5-Tower-System is one of Germany´s highest and longest Cables and counts more than 16 obstacles for beginners and advance riders. For more infomation please have a look on the website

Our Waketoolz Pro Shop is located at


and part of Woerth a.d. Isar, one hour north-east of Munich by car.