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When you’re moments from the ride of your life or just a short session on the water, the last thing you need to be questioning is your safety equipment. This where Pro-Tec comes in: Pro-tec exist to protect your body from a move gone wrong. Any true hardcharger or seasoned rider knows you must push limits in order to get better, and Pro-Tec produces products that allow you to push your limits as far as your imagination allows or keep you safe during your day-to-day rides. There is no progression without protection, because you need to survive to ride another day. The Pro-Tec Protective line was born the hard way, through 40 years of trial and error, built from first hand experience in every type of skate bowl, every street condition, dirt paths, ditches, ramps, mountains big and small, wakeboard parks, downhill runs. Whatever activity you choose to charge into or cruise through, be it on water, snow, concrete, dirt, or pavement, we’ve got you covered, literally. The Pro-Tec Protective Gear line gives you a huge number of style and fit options for any action sport activity you’re passionate about.