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Double Up

Double Up Wakeboarding

The birth of Double Up Wakeboards was in 1996 in the United States. It was Greg Nelson, "legend Award" winner 2010 of the TransWorld Wakeboardings wake award, who founded Double Up Wakeboards the first wakeboard company in the world, that was driven and managed by wakeboarders themselves. The Double Up wakeboardshapes of this time are still influencing todays shapers of the Industry. Construction methods and shapes such as the "variable edge design" and the "V-hull design" innovated in these founding days of Double Up Wakeboards are still to be found in the most Wakeboard Companies. Today Double Up’s Headquarter is located in Australia with a new management – still Wakeboarders, a new pro team and a new, innovative product line. The startegy of Double Up Wakeboards lies on Wakeboards with Flex patterns that all work for cable riding, as well as wakeboarding behind the boat. Of course, the range of DUP Wakeboards still offers conventional foam core Wakeboards with or without grind base. DUP Wakeboards puts their commitment in the development of very good Wakeboardbindings to be a serious wakeboard company. Durable Wakeboardbindings that can be offered with different Flex designs and closure systems at a reasonable price are the own goal. With a well choosen Pro Team with names like Scotty Green, Scotty Broome, Antoni van der Adams, Sylvain Antoine, Jonty Green, Scotty Wilkings, Manu Rupp and Tobias Michel Double Up Wakeboards has signed leaders in terms of wakeboarding style.