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Impact Vests


A proper impact vest is major part of the safety concerning wakeboarding. A lot of injuries at your upper body can be avoided by wearing such a vest. You can choose between different types of impact vests, with and without zip. When you think about a lifejacket in its original manner, you’ll find the zip right in the middle of the vestfront. The impact vests we use for wakeboardiung nowadays, include their style, with the zip in the front. Beside the frontzip, the market also offers vests with sidezip. These are desingned for wakeboarders who feel more comfortable by knowing the zip may not cause pressure against their chest. The third way wakeboard vests are designed is without any zip. As far as chosen in an appropriate size, those so-called pull-on vests won’t cause any problems by putting on or pulling it off, not even wet. Nevertheless, all sorts of impact vests guarantee a similar kind of protection against collisions between the wakeboarder’s neck and waistline. Now i’ts up to you: get yourself a wakeboard vest and find out what suits you best. Leading brands are ION, O’Neill, Liquid Force, Follow, Rip Curl and Soöruz. Whereas the vests are manufactured in all three versions by each of the companies, forget about all your excuses and start scrolling through the products below!