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Liquid Force, market leader in wakeboarding, has the largest selection of different Wakeboards. The Liquid Force Wakeboards differ in usage but also in design and shape. Park- & All-Terrain Wakeboards with solid wood core or hybrid-core (PU foam plus wood) are produced with special innovations like Liquid Rails (ABS plastic edges) and Grind Base (PU coating of the Board´s base) patented by Liquid Force. Both of these features are used as tear-&-wear-protection-features while riding obstacles and features. The Liquid Force boat wakeboard series, however, is characterized by high end PU-Foam-Cores which are refined with special fiberglass shell and a so-called Net Carbon Layup. Liquid Force has been building Wakeboards for over 20 years and is one of the most innovative Wakeboard companies on the market.