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Hyperlite Franchise FLX Wakeboard 2015

Hyperlite Alex Aulbach Ltd. Union Wakeboard 2018

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Hyperlite Alex Aulbach Ltd. Union Wakeboard 2018
Hyperlite Alex Aulbach Ltd. Union Wakeboard 2018

Alex Aulbach Ltd. Union Wakeboard 2018

  • Alex Aulbach Edition
  • Full ABS Sidewall
  • Power Press
  • Sintered Enduro Base
German VAT incl. – free shipping!*

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Product Description to Hyperlite Alex Aulbach Ltd. Union Wakeboard 2018


With the Alex Aulbach Ltd. Edition Union we gave Alex the opportunity to live his creativity off the water as well. He teamed up with his buddy Marvin Langner, who’s a musician and artist, and created with him this clean, but yet so meaningful design. The design reflects his riding perfectly, less is more but still creative so you have to look twice to see whats going on. Power Press

An exaggerated kick near the end of the board allows riders to lock into heavy nose and tail presses. ABS Sidewall

Building a stronger board through impact protection is the goal behind ABS Sidewall Construction. Our ABS Sidewalls will help you tackle any obstacle in the park without the fear of an edge delam. Sintered Enduro Base

Our Sintered Enduro Base material is the strongest most durable running surface we offer. The Sintered Enduro formula undergoes a process that creates a strong bond between particles making the finished product nearly indestructible. This base option is the perfect choice for the cable park season pass holder. Layered Glass

Our fiberglass is available in 3 weights depending on the board. Over time, traditional woven glass fibers will separate. With layered glass every Hyperlite deck will have the same pop off the double up year after year. Monocoque Construction

Integrating the top glass and the bottom glass into one. Generating a more durable board on side impacts to prevent delamination. Fully Machined Crossover

  • Flex Core

  • M6 Inserts

  • Flat Nose Profile

  • Tip / Tail Dual Concaves

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