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Hotline: +49 (0)8702 948 72 97

Online Wakeboard Shop, we offer wakeboards, wakeboard bindings and wetsuits is not just a professional dealer for wakeboards, bindings, wakeboard packages, impact vests, helmets and wetsuits located at the wakeboard cablepark Waketoolz Wakeparkin Wörth (south Germany), is a wakeboard online shop concerned by some wakeboarding enthusiast. We are some professional wakeboarding athletes as well as really experienced sales reps about wakeboards, bindings, wetsuits, impact vests and helmets. Every employee at is riding wakeboard and wakeskate, among others did we compete at different international wakeboard competitions with great success. The fresh and young sponsored wakeboarding team consists of local riders which competed successfull at national and international wakeboard and wakeskate competitions. The shop managers are able to offer about 30 years of experience in wakeboarding. If there are any questions about wakeboards, wakeboard bindings, wakeskates, wakeboard packages, wetsuits, wakeboard helmets or impact vests, we will be able to help you and support you to get the best wakeboarding stuff for your ride. doen’t just offer a shop at a wakeboard cable park, we also run as an online store. You will be able to find an incredibly choice in our wakeboard and wakeskate online shop. We also offer wakeboard packages, wetsuits, wakeboard bindings from Liquid Force Wakeboards, Ronix Wakeboards, CTRL Wakeboards, Slingshot Wakeboards and Hyperlite Wakeboards. Additional we also offer small underdog brands like Humanoid Wakeboards or Reckless Wakeboards and bindings as well as Remote Wakeskates. doesn’t stop with wakeboards, bindings and wakeskates, we also offer everything you need around wakeboarding. You will be able to buy wetsuits, wakeboarding helmets and impact vests as well. Following brands are available: Bern helmets, Ion wetsuits and impact vests, O’Neill impact vests and wetsuits, Pro-Tec wakeboarding helmets, RipCurl wetsuits and impact vests, Soöruz impact vests and wetsuits as well as fashion and boardshorts of the above named brands.

Our goal at is to provide a qualified consulting about wakeboarding, wakeskating, wetsuits, wakeboard helmets and impact vests. We offer a hotline for any questions you may have about all our products from the wakeboarding and wakeskating scene. It doesn’t matter if you like to get some additional information about wetsuits, impact vests, helmets, bindings, wakeskates and wakeboards or you just wanna make sure, if the different brands and their goods are available. We will help you as good as we can and never desert you! – enjoy riding