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Slingshot Terrain Wakeboard 2015

Slingshot The Bishop Wakeboard 2020

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Slingshot Terrain Wakeboard 2015

The Bishop Wakeboard 2020

  • V-Base for soft landing
  • NACA tech channels for aggressive cutting
  • Stiff woodcore construction and durable
  • High-performance wakeboard for advanced levvel riding
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Product Description to Slingshot The Bishop Wakeboard 2020

Blake Bishop is our go to when we want to know “what the kids are up to these days”. If he says some- thing’s cool, you’d be wise to double down on it. So when Blake said the Solo was “lit” we decided he deserved one of his own, built entirely for the cablepark.


  • Flex Tips - flexible tips give you unmatched pressability where you need it

  • Vertically Laminated Wood Core - no better core for achieving the best flex, durability and lively feel

  • Narrow Outline - for slicin' and dicin'

  • Carbon Bedrock Inserts (M6) - lightest, most flexible and durable inserts in the industry

  • Slingshot Fusion Sidewall - high durometer urethane poured in one single shot. more durability more dampening, more performance

  • .7MM Ballistic Base - built to withstand the dock, rails, airplanes and the parking lot

length: 146 cm

IMPORTANT: Slingshot Warranty DOES NOT COVER any damage caused by sliders or rails. DO NOT Slide your board on any sliders/rails if you want to keep your warranty. There are no exceptions to this rule.

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Ballistic Park Base

Slingshot Ballistic Park Base

Carbon Inserts

Slingshot Carbon Inserts

Fusion Sidewalls

Slingshot Fusion Sidewalls

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