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Rip Curl Omega Wetsuit 3/2 black 2015

Rip Curl Aggrolite L/S C/Zip Wetsuit charcoal 2016

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Rip Curl Aggrolite L/S C/Zip Neoprenanzug charcoal 2016
Rip Curl Aggrolite L/S C/Zip Neoprenanzug charcoal 2016

Rip curl
Aggrolite L/S C/Zip Wetsuit charcoal 2016

German VAT incl. – free shipping!*

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Product Description to Rip Curl Aggrolite L/S C/Zip Wetsuit charcoal 2016

Chest-Zip Suits

The Chest Zip is the next step in the evolution of wetsuit entry systems. The removal of the back zip allows for a dramatic increase in stretch and flexibility when paddling and surfing. One-piece collar design provides the ultimate neck seal against cold water. Combined with the adjustable shock cord closure system you are even better protected from any cold water entering the suit, meaning you stay warmer, and can surf for longer.

S-Flex Kees

The S-Flex Knees on all of our Steamers are highly flexible and durable knee pads, offering protection to your knees and the suit in this high-use/high-stretch zone, while at the same time allowing you maximum movement.

Stitchless Underarms

By utulising tried and tested fabric patterns developed over 35 years of market-leading wetsuit production, our singular paneled, Stitchless Underarms offer the wearer unrestricted flexibility and maximum movement whilst paddling and winding up to smack the lip.

Stress Point Taped

The key stress points and junctions of every Rip Curl wetsuit are reinforced with Stress Point Tape, providing increased strength of seams, meaning you won’t have to hold back in anything you do in the water, because you know your suit can handle it.

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Größentabelle Rip Curl Neopren | Size Chart Rip Curl Wetsuits



 Einheitsgröße | Size
 Körpergröße | Height (cm)  170-175  175-180  185-190 190-plus
 Brustumfang (cm) | Chest Sizes (cm)
 95  100 105 110
Taillenumfang (cm) | Waist Sizes (cm)
 76  81 86 91



 Einheitsgröße | Size
 XS | 4
 S | 6
M | 8
L | 10
 Körpergröße | Height (cm)  150-157  158-162  163-167 168-172
 Brustumfang (cm) | chest size (cm)
 73-81  81-89 89-100 100-105
 Taille (cm) | waist (cm)
 61  63.5 66 68.5


Die Größenangabe sind in Centimeter bzw. Kilogramm und sind den Herstellerangaben entnommen. Der Neopren sollte gut und straff anliegen, damit sie optimalen Auftrieb und Prallschutz bietet und nicht verrutschen kann.

All size specifications are printed in centimeter, inches and kilogramm and are taken from the website of the supplier. Make sure that your Wetsuit fits tight and good to provide you full protection and performance.